“The term sabbatical is derived from the biblical Sabbath which serves an ancient human need to build periods of rest and rejuvenation into a lifetime.” It has been a bit of a month. I can’t even remember everything that happened. I’m trying, but honestly, my mind is just blank. I know there was lots of … Read more

Our Big Day

Saturday, May 28 @ the 2016 Wenas Audubon Campout [envira-gallery id=”2873″]


You sweet thing.  I go outside to relax, breathe, and look for you lounging in the sun with silly squinted eyes. You were the kindest soul with not a single rough edge.  This place needed you.  I miss you dear Luna – the way you’d tilt your head into my hand until you nearly rolled … Read more

Playing Favorites

Different days, different birds – but there is always one little one who draws me in. Usually, they are the first to arrive, the last to leave, or the one who is unperturbed by my arrival. Lately, this little Song Sparrow has me charmed. I scrunch down in my chair by the arborvitae and pretend … Read more