Snow Angel

It snowed last night.

The Silver Slug™ was in fine form as it reluctantly crawled (in first gear) up 35th Avenue.  Mercifully it did crawl up, rather than slide back…

My brother and his wife are moving to Florida.  They are driving out of town in January.  This makes me feel a number of things.  Not surprisingly, I am unable to put words to this mysterious bundle of feelings.  When did I become speechless?  Sigh…

Natural drama was wonderfully distracting today.

Speechless?  Not a problem!  Just toss us some seeds and we’ll handle the rest…

The goldfinches and siskins were tussling at the thistle feeder.  Such tempers!

Across the street the kestrel hung out with a magpie, while the flickers tolerated the doves and their inept landing skills.

The towhees have taken up residence, as have the song sparrows.  This makes me very happy as they were quite unusual last year.  Now there are at least four of each.  They love the cut grass that Sean put under the arborvitae.

So I counted finches, watched for hawks and falcons, and ignored the world as I thought only of you.

It was a lovely day.