Sitting outside, stalking the Spotted Towhee, my sweet little chickadee dropped right in front of me to nom-nom on a bit of snow.  Much silent inner squealing ensued… [envira-gallery id=”2604″]

Northern Shrike

January is one of my favorite backyard months.  So many visitors! Today a Northern Shrike popped in for a quick visit.  Having never seen a Northern Shrike this was quite a treat. Yeah!

Ridiculous, Squared

(No, I did not take the one amazing NSWO photo on this site.) The Northern Saw-whet Owl.  Apparently one of the more common North American owls, but you wouldn’t know it because they are tiny and impossible to spot.  Even with precise directions Dad and I had a hard time finding this little one.  In … Read more

Varied Thrush

I saw my first Varied Thrush just a few weeks ago, on Vashon Island.  Ordinary, I suppose, but beautiful nonetheless. Today, hot on the heels of my visiting Band-tailed Pigeon, I caught a peek of a Varied Thrush scooting through the arborvitae.  Conveniently, the recent snow, snow, snow pushed down a chunk of one arborvitae … Read more