Make Sure That You Get Home

I walked the loop this week – all by myself.  When I walk odd details always stick with me, landmarks I suppose.  The crocus we saw the day before.

The spikes of the crocus...
The spikes of the crocus

The crows own the loop.  Vigilant, ever present – I am sure I spend entirely too much time contemplating their lives.

On patrol
On patrol

The Cute House feels like a pivot; The shade and moss overtake the sun again, leaving the sunny, wide-open bit of the loop behind.  Wide-open is relative.

The Cute House
The Cute House

Walking past Camp Burton my mind flutters over Hayley, Camp Roganunda, and then moves along to the first time I saw a Varied Thrush – it was here.

Varied Thrush on the loop
That varied thrush we saw in December

Another little wiggle in the road and whoosh! – the ever-tempting Jensen Point beckons.

Driftwood, Golden-crowned Kinglets, and that Bald Eagle guarantee lively brush action.

Today I heard a Belted Kingfisher and the watched him zip across the point.

Landing gear not quite retracted...
Landing gear not quite retracted…

Shortly thereafter, Baldie did a fly over, looking down at me as he made a sharp turn and headed for a new perch.  I’ve included a photo to show that he was very clearly eyeing me.  When the crows give Mr. Baldy a bad time I feel sad for solitary, lonely Mr. Baldy – but after a look like this?  Hmph!

I See Human
I See Human

The best way to wrap up a visit to Jensen Point is to play “Catch the Kinglet (with a camera)”.  I can’t imagine a more frustrating activity.

Teacher's Pet
Teacher’s Pet

And with that, I head home.