“The term sabbatical is derived from the biblical Sabbath which serves an ancient human need to build periods of rest and rejuvenation into a lifetime.”

It has been a bit of a month. I can’t even remember everything that happened. I’m trying, but honestly, my mind is just blank. I know there was lots of big stuff. I got through it. So there’s that, yes?

I spent the last seven days at the Gatehouse sleeping, coughing, and expelling general icky-ness from all my bits and pieces. I can’t remember ever being so sleepy. I can’t remember ever being so out of sorts.

N. has so sweetly, so kindly found a way to bring the birds to me. Feeders – by the windows. Who would have thought? Probably many, but not I.

There is something about a wee chickadee hanging from a shepherd’s hook, begging for the feeders to be put out, that melts all the sludge from my soul and brings a beautiful focus to life.

Oh – and there were hummingbirds. So. Many. Hummingbirds. They are not nice and frankly, just a bit scary when they zip right up to your face.