The Wheedle on the Needle

The Wheedle on the Needle

Or, why I ♥ Bigfoot.

I love Bigfoot because I love Washington.  I firmly believe Washington could be its own little country and do just fine, thank you very much.

This is where it feels appropriate to quote, specifically, James Hennessey.

Bigfooters are some of the strangest people on the planet, and their documentaries are usually reflective of that.

This is unfortunate because Bigfoot and Washington – you can’t really know and love one without the other.

I don’t remember where I was going when I started this, which is unfortunate.  I’m quite sure a brilliant metaphor would have shown itself, eventually.  Probably.

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Discovering Bigfoot is the Best Documentary on Netflix  – this is very tongue-in-cheek review of how absolutely hideous Discovering Bigfoot is.  ‘If this guy wasn’t clearly living amongst the fairies, I’d assume this was a powerful piece of performance art about the nature of truth and meaning.’