Northern Shrike

January is one of my favorite backyard months.  So many visitors! Today a Northern Shrike popped in for a quick visit.  Having never seen a Northern Shrike this was quite a treat. Yeah!

Band-tailed Pigeon

Dad asked me, “Did you see that bird?  It doesn’t look quite right…” I did see the bird and I knew exactly what he meant by “not quite right”. We have so many doves, both Mourning Doves and Eurasian Collared-Doves.  They move between gathering in the Big Tree behind the backyard to the Big Tree … Read more

The Black-headed Grosbeak is Back

Last September, for about a week, one lone Black-headed Grosbeak visited my feeders.  The last few weeks I wondered if I would see one this year. Two days ago she (or he) showed up.  Each morning since I’ve trekked out back, coffee and camera in hand, waiting for the quiet arrival of my solitary grosbeak. First … Read more