Snow Angel

[envira-gallery id=”2451″]It snowed last night. The Silver Slug™ was in fine form as it reluctantly crawled (in first gear) up 35th Avenue.  Mercifully it did crawl up, rather than slide back… My brother and his wife are moving to Florida.  They are driving out of town in January.  This makes me feel a number of … Read more

You Destroyed Me

Those three words have been hovering for the last few days. Actually, these words, in their entirety have been hovering: Go to hell. I loved you more than anything, and you destroyed me. I’m probably giving these words a life they don’t deserve – or rather – a life they don’t want.  I’m sure that … Read more

Soaked in Bleach

Maybe it’s because I watched a drama-documentary about Kurt Cobain last night.  I nearly cried watching the final scenes.  The few clips of Cobain that were included still float behind my eyes, reminding me of the University district, Edward Hansen, Chad Thoma, and that beautiful vintage dress from the thirties with the beaded collar. Maybe … Read more

Labor Day Lovelies

Snapped at the Northern Pacific Railroad Ponds – definitely a hot spot worth visiting.  Particularly if you are interested in the Turkey Vulture. As you head down Charter Road toward the ponds, to the left you will see a large (currently) leafless tree filled with Turkey Vultures.  I counted fourteen in the tree.  There were several … Read more