“The term sabbatical is derived from the biblical Sabbath which serves an ancient human need to build periods of rest and rejuvenation into a lifetime.” It has been a bit of a month. I can’t even remember everything that happened. I’m trying, but honestly, my mind is just blank. I know there was lots of … Read more

The Birdies Have Landed

I’m not sure if the fires have caused my little buddies to scurry downhill earlier than last year, but I don’t recall so many birds returning so swiftly and in such numbers last year. Today the yard hosted: 23 Eurasian Collared-Doves 5 Mourning Doves 3¬†Northern Flickers 9 Red-winged¬†Blackbirds 7 Brewer’s Blackbird 2 Brown-headed Cowbirds 1 … Read more